About Us

Practical Engineer is one of the parts of our mother company Topvarsity. Practical Engineer is the best platform for engineering students who are willing to work in well-known Multi-National companies. We provide the best course for students at affordable prices.

These courses are plotted in such a way that an average student finds them interesting and easy to learn. The concepts in courses are explained in the best and quick methods. Which helps a student to apply concepts quickly and reach the exact solution.

Our Mission

What Can You Learn

There are three commitments we’ve made to the world. We’ve been grounded by these since day one:

  • ¬†Increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere
  • Enhance teaching and learning on campus and online
  • Advance teaching and learning through research


We Currently Offer A Variety Of IT Courses, and We Are Adding New Courses Every Day. Please let us know if there is a course that you believe is missing.

How Can You Learn

The Team

You will enroll in the course of your choice and begin studying. Courses are designed with up-to-date curriculums to ensure that students are industry-ready. You will be taught by tutors who are seasoned professionals in their own right. A proper study plan will be created for you to follow, which will assist you in effectively planning your course. Furthermore, you will be able to assess your knowledge through assignments and projects provided at various points throughout your course. If you complete our courses, you will be eligible to receive the Certificate.

Our teams consist of Passionate Professionals with Educators who are technology geeks and love to share knowledge. They are also experts in their field of subjects.